From the mountains of Red Rocks to the fields of Slane Castle, U2 has been building musical monuments for decades. At the crux of the U2 phenomena is the power and urgency of their live performances. This same passion can now be found in the live shows of the Bay Area's own ZOO STATION -- the complete U2 Experience!

Founded in January 2002, ZOO STATION has been steadily making a name for itself in the Bay Area music scene. A few months after inception, ZOO STATION debuted on the cozy stage of San Francisco's venerable Irish pub, Ireland's 32. That night proved a turning point in the lives of U2 fans through out the area - they can now experience the magic of U2 within an intimate club setting. The power of that night also proved that ZOO STATION was a musical force to be reckoned with. From the new wave stylings of I Will Follow to the subtle beauty of Electrical Storm, ZOO STATION covers the entire U2 catalog. The hits, misses and unsung B-sides all have a place in their ever-changing set lists - providing a treat for the casual music fan and a feast for the die-hard U2 junkie. Since then, ZOO STATION has compiled a steady stream of self-promoted gigs, a professional demo and a fantastic website. The website features music, photos, set lists and upcoming show information to keep adoring fans up to date on the happenings of the only U2 tribute band in the Bay Area.

There are four multi-talented and hard working members in the band, each with a distinct personality that solidifies the U2 experience musically and theatrically. Joshua Fryvecind (Vocals) takes center stage as the Bono-esque front man who moves his body and lips with as much precision as the great man himself. Scott Schulman (Bass, Guitar, Backing Vocals) compliments the band with the bass licks and harmonies that test the true talents of Adam Clayton. Mike Horne's (Guitar, Bass) guitar riffs stem directly from the Edge's fingers, and his technical sound captivates an audience with dominating force. Finally, Greg Hecq (Drums) provides a funky yet solid backbone that creates a surprising twist on the unique beats of Larry Mullen Jr. Together, this eclectic group creates a fun, exciting and well-balanced musical show that goes unmatched.